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Monday, January 26, 2009

My Best QSL Card

A few weeks ago, I commented on making a 2,020 mile contact into San Diego, California. I also mentioned using headphones and the "quite operation" of the telegraph key. Honestly....I think 90% of the long distance contacts (especially with the current band conditions on 40 meters) will be in the late and early mornings hours.

This afternoon I received my QSL card from WB6HGJ.

The notes on the back of the card read:

John....QRP QSO's (even one way) have great meaning for me !! Your card has become part of my QRP "photo album" collection! I was running about 90 watts with the old Collins--it was a ruff copy but a lot of true QRP work is that way!! Hope to catch you again!! VY 73 Guy.

ps...I use a FT817 for qrp.

I feel the same way...... because this distance is rare for a 5 watt station using an indoor antenna!

It's not only rare for me to work California (QRP on 40 meters), it's also rare to have a station to hear me at this distance.

I was right about his rig...It's a Collins 32v2-75a4 and he was using an inverted V Antenna.

You need a set of "ears" like this to hear 5 watt signal on the East Coast!

I'll also keep this card in my photo album.

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KE2YK said...

I worked CW/QRP/M for many years on an old Ten-TEC Model 525 Argosy One. During the last solar cycle I worked Hawaii and Europe from the highways of New York. My MFJ 9040 also worked rather well at that time. I am going to add a link to your article from my blog.
I also own a Ham Radio store which is Thanks for bringing back great memories.

72 de Gary ke2yk sk