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Saturday, January 3, 2009

My First 2009 QSO

I've been in New York again (for a few weeks), to visit friends and relatives, during the Christmas Season. But I didn't take the radio with me because of time restrictions....

The first thing I did (when I sat down for a few minutes) was to total my "log book" and look over the past year. (The previous entry was a summation of my 2008 radio events etc).

My "first" contact in 2009 was K0LUW (2245z) on the 7055 SKCC frequency. Russ was in Omaha, Nebraska. (825 miles from me) We both heard each other at about the same level (569) but when he returned my call.....QRM ate him alive.

Come to find I was sending my stats, other stations (that couldn't hear me) assumed the frequency was open and started their CQ's. This made for a very difficult contact......

Russ realized the situation and kicked in his Heathkit amp (which boosted his signal significantly)He was now pushing 600 watts into a "Vertical Dipole" (an antenna I rarely hear on the air). The frequency immediately became tolerable again.


In addition to being my first 2009 contact this year, this was also my "first contact" I've made with my (new) "100 year old Straight Key". (Only a "straight key" operator will appreciate this key). It was made between the years of 1880 and 1910 by a company in New York City. I'm very fortunate to have acquired it and will pass it along to another Ham in my very senior years.

I found Russ on the QRZ date base and discovered he used a "homemade key"

Russ is member number 1702 T of the "Straight Key Century Club" (SKCC).

"It's a Beauty"

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