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Friday, January 9, 2009

Another Reason to Learn Code

There are QSO's and then there are QSO's...That might sound confusing, so I'll try to explain in a little more detail....

The majority of code exchanges follow a "universal format" with the first item being how well you're hearing the other station. (RST) and then the Name and QTH being the second.... Then the Rig and Antenna, the Weather, etc. There's nothing wrong with that. (90% of CW exchanges follow this road.

But it gets a little mundane at times....

This morning, on the 40 meter QRP frequency, I had a "nice" chat with a station in Memphis Tennessee (W4VAC) . Chuck was very weak because he was only using 15 watts into an inverted "V" with the apex at about 35 feet. (Memphis is about 500 miles from me)

Although he had other rigs, this morning he was using a Tentec Century "just for fun".

And it was "fun" to chat with each other because of the challenging QSB and QRM. (yea, I know, this isn't for everyone) but this was one of the most enjoyable QSO's I've had in awhile. (or any other time)

We both missed each others "names" on the first exchange but we both realized the band conditions, and continued on for at least 30 minutes. Chuck had a "great" fist (using a straight key) and the spacing was excellent. It was a pleasure to listen, copy (90%+) and ask each other a few questions.

That's what I mean by "There are QSO's and then there are QSO's" .

And then there's "another reason for learning code"....

I'm retired now, after 10 years of working on heavy equipment, and 20 years in retail sales. It's a blessing to have time to spend on the radio now. But as a person gets older, the mind usually get a little "lax". (I've know some people that can't remember what they did at noon some days)

It would be real easy just sit down and not do "anything"......

Morse Code is an excellent "work the mind" activity (if you don't use it, you'll loose it) and it's a challenge to keep the mind active and to keep life enjoyable now.

Morse Code is one of the best activities in the world to prevent memory loss....and a good example of this, is Chuck (W4VAC) in Memphis this morning!

I really admired the guy, more and more, as we "rag-chewed". We repeated the info we couldn't copy due to conditions, we understood each other, and it was a joy to communicate.

Chuck was born in 1924....that makes him 85 years old!
He is also FISTS member # 11068

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