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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The BURO's

Today, my pre-breakfast QSO was K0MAF in Windsor, Missouri. (At least a brief exchange of call signs and QTH) I had an important phone call, that interrupted things, and I left him hanging in mid air. I hate those things but sometimes it happens. I sent the standard AS and hoped he would be there when I returned, but the frequency was in use by another station. Jack was about 850 miles from me and I had a great signal on him!

The last few days have been really busy here. Our Anniversary was on Saturday (the 11th) and my wife and I spent the entire day together. We took a great to hike in the New River Gorge. (That’s where we first met). Sometimes when we go there, we stay all day and watch the sunset, but that evening we had dinner and listened to some VERY good music in Charleston.

I’ve worked several stations the last several days and I’m surprised at the number of them that are either FISTS members or SKCC members.

While working KA1OX , a few days ago, in Old Suybrook, CT, Wayne mentioned the FIST QSL BURO.

The “ Buros ”, as they are known, is a great idea that makes exchanging QSL cards more economical to members. It allows members to exchange six or seven cards with ONE envelope!

With today’s postage rates, this saves a lot of bucks!

Last night I addressed envelopes, to myself , to both organizations.

I’ll get those in the mail today!

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