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Thursday, October 9, 2008

QRP x QRP Georgia

Every Ham has their specialty in the hobby and mine has always been portable equipment. So when I make a contact with another “portable” operator, it’s especially rewarding.

This morning, as I was waiting for breakfast, I tuned across the 40 meter band and put out my call (CQ) to any station.
(You never know what direction the band is leaning towards, and this morning it seemed the South. I have no idea why the band favors different directions, on different days, but I imagine there are those in the hobby that can explain this in great detail).

But I enjoy the mystery of never knowing what I’m going to catch when I throw my call out into the air. To me, it’s part of the magic of a radio signal.....

This morning as I exchanged my call and QTH with another station, I immediately recognized the home town of “Cartersville Georgia”. I talked to Jim last December, and at that time, I joked with him about the possibility of living in the same town as our past President “Jimmy Carter”.

This morning, Jim (AE4DT) was doing the same thing as I was doing, getting ready for breakfast. He was using a K2 and an 80 meter loop. And guess what…

He was running QRP at 3 watts!

My reception report was 579, so I immediately started reducing power. Just before we both quit, for bacon and eggs, we were both QSO'ing at 3 watts.

Jim and I are members of the North American QRP CW Club (NAQCC) which is especially devoted to “low power” operations.
Jim and I are also a members of the Straight Key Century Club. (SKCC)

He lives a few miles north of Atlanta and is about 350 miles from me.

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