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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SKCC Sprint

I'm actually quite shocked that I worked a few stations on 80 meters tonight!

80 meters is my worst band and I hardly ever transmit there.....but the stations I've caught have been good ones.

Of course, all my contacts are at QRP levels, and tonight's SKCC Sprint was my first with this club. The goal is to make as many contacts as possible, in a 2 hour time frame, but Marilyn and I were at a retirement dinner for about half of the contest. I only worked the contest for about an hour but caught two stations.

When we returned home, I tuned around on the 40 meter band and I didn't hear much. In desperation, I listened on the 80 meter band and heard stations everywhere.

I heard KC2KY (Neil) in New York work my friend Gari (K8KFJ) here in the next town about 15 miles from me. What 'da heck, I'll give it a try! (Gari is my mentor, and the guy that keeps me motivated).

It took about 10 minutes to get his attention, but I finally heard my call repeated back and I sent my Name, State, and SKCC number. He returned with the same (I already knew it and had it written down in the log when he worked Gari).

About 10 minutes after that, I heard K4ZGB (Tom) in Alabama. WOW....was he strong!
I never expected him to hear me at this distance with 5 watts but he came right back when I sent N8 ?........ We exchanged the same Name, State and SKCC number and GL TU. (Good Heavens...what a pair or ears)!

It was all over in about 30 seconds but that's the way it works......quick, and on to the next station!

I sent my log into the club and imagine there are those who will chuckle about 2 contacts...

But I'm happy.....I'm not a real competitive contester. I don't do it with the expectations of a big score, I do it just for one's fun to me!

I run all these with 5 watts and a simple indoor wire antenna.


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