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Friday, October 17, 2008

A Morning QRP x QRP QSO

I've worked Walt (WA9LT) before, but this morning it was especially nice to hear his QRP rig again from Geneseo Illinois.

Last night, just before turning in, I worked a Texas station at 1100 miles, but there's NOTHING like a QRP contact to start off the day!

QRP x QRP contacts are special!

I remembered Walt as soon as I heard the call. How can anyone forget a call like this?

WA9LT--Walt-- get it? The first time I worked him I had a hard time getting his name because of noise here in the middle of town. He came back to me with W A L T (without the 9).

He actually spelled the entire thing out to me.

I don't know how some Hams are lucky enough to get a call like this, but it's something you won't forget when you work them on the air!

Great FIST too !!

Nice spacing and a pleasure to listen to, especially first thing in the morning, in this cool foggy Kanawha Valley.

Nice to hear you again Walt !!

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