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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Illinois Contacts

Today I made two contacts into Illinois. Something, when time permits, I try to do on a daily basis. This doesn’t happen every day, but more times than not, at least two on a good day.
I’ve worked as many as five when conditions were favorable.

A lot of hams don’t realize how effective a 5 watt signal can be with a “simple wire antenna” but I got excellent signal reports from both these stations which were about 500 miles from me.

On 40 meters, I like to hang around the FISTS frequency (7058 MHz) or the SKCC frequency (7055 MHz).

This morning I worked W9SJW in Freeport and just before dinner N9TMU in Jerseyville.

One ham on each frequency!

Both hams were FISTS members!

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