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Thursday, October 2, 2008

International Morse Code

I must admit it was a pleasure to work WY3H (Tom in PA) this evening on 80 meters and an unexpected privilege to hear the "President" of the NAQCC club!

My QRP rig and antenna is not very good on 80 meters and I hardly EVER make a contact on this band! I've only worked a few stations here. (a spy station --paraset---is the exception to the rule)

So why was I operating there?

I checked the FISTS search page, just a few minutes ago, and they had my new number posted on the site. The 7058 frequency was busy on 40 meters, so I decided to make a "one time effort" on the 3558 frequency.

I truly never expected to hear anyone answer my call....especially a QRP station!!

(I'm a little disappointed with my 80 meter antenna. It doesn't perform like my 40 and 20 meter antennas).

But to have been lucky enough to work the president of the NAQCC club as my first "fists" contact is something I will never forget!

He suddenly disappeared into the noise on the third exchange and I sent SRI I lost U. Your RST was a 229 with heavy QSB....I copied my RST and your city but copied his name as "OTTO".....

BTW/ I'm totally devoted the NAQCC group and have written several items for the "member news". (I have one now as a current news item)

I worked Portugal, Finland, two stations in Germany, and Hungary this weekend (SSB) on the European DX contest. Certainly not on 80 meters

I was using an 18" Isotron on 20 meters!

NAQCC # 2279
Fist's # 13968

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