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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Shortwave Radio

Radio has come a long way since the old days. It is a powerful medium to share our culture with people in other parts of the world. With the invention of the “computer chip”, the prices have become so cheap, that nearly everyone can afford to buy one now.

Several months ago, while watching the evening news, I saw an Iraqi Insurgent busting one of these into a million pieces on the ground with a hammer. He wasn’t destroying it because he didn’t like our music. It was because he was afraid people would be able to hear news from all over the world. These radios can receive both the AM and FM bands and most of the International Short-Wave bands.

We have given hundreds of these to tribal leaders.

This radio is a little different from most others. It doesn’t need batteries! The “crank” on the side of the radio is actually an electric generator. When cranked, it produces electricity to run the radio.

It’s a long way to “Radio Shack” to get AA batteries out here.

This radio and those like it has been the key to freedom in many parts of the world. I’ve always believed that people have more in common than they do differences. I have a strong hope, that with communication, we can all get along together.

I hope we can make these as common as Camels in a desert!

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