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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Morning QSO on 40 Meters

This morning, waiting on bacon and eggs (just kidding) , I heard the sound of another familiar call sign!

Gary (N2ESE) and I have talked before but never this long a QSO. We discussed a variety of subjects revolving around the FISTS Club I've recently joined. I had to increase my power to the maximun 10 watts because of QSB but we chatted for almost an hour before calling it quits! Gary (N2ESE) lives in Stanhope, NJ and is FISTS # 12806.

I have his card in my BURO envelope now. I'll send it when I get another 6 or 7 contacts.

I told him about my faint 80 meter results and added the 20 meter band to those I can work from here. I can work three bands with my Isotron Antenna's (40-20-80) and just about ALL bands with the G5RV when operating in the field.

My friend Gari (K8KFJ) did a good job in the Straight Key Century Club (SKCC) contest last night. If I remember right, I think 13 QSO's in 11 states! I entered my results in the contest logbook and was amused at the QRP stations that made decent scores!

I wasn't very amused at my 2 contacts...but it was fun!
One of these days, I'll set up outdoors, in the woods, with the G5RV, and make a good score!

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