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Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Morning QSO

I quickly worked KM4VX in Willmington, NC this morning while waiting for breakfast. It's a morning ritual where I wait 30 minutes after taking my cholesterol pill. to do something, and can't think of a better way to spend a little radio time! I like working the "coastal areas" and Willmington was a good catch this morning. (My RST 479)

I get down that neck of the woods, at least once a year, and it brings back good memories about radio etc. (I hear a lot of Carribean stations)
But I'm amazed at QRM at times.... It's not that some stations can't hear me, (and Ron had a good signal) but I think....some operators just don't take the time to listen for a few minutes. (no QRL or nothing, they just start sending)

We exchanged the "basic" call sign and QTH etc, and then were pounced upon. We cut it short because of interference and I went downstairs for "bacon and eggs"....
I'm just kidding here, can't eat much of that kind of stuff.....
My 6 month check up, with the VA a few days ago, was the best news I've had all year.
Cholesterol is a genetic thing with me. I eat healthy and exercise when ever possible. (My Sciatic nerve flares up sometimes). But my Cholesterol is usually sky high....

My check up this year was within guidelines!'s taken 2 years to find the right combinations of medications.

I'm enjoying the low Cholesterol numbers now!

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