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Saturday, October 4, 2008

SKCC Event

Just listening to the 40 meter band today, I've worked five different stations on 7055 Mhz. Not a contest...but nice to meet other SKCC members. All my contacts today have been nice QSO's with my 10 watts and an indoor Isotron antenna.

I worked one station in Tennessee that would have been a possible QRPp contact if not for the other party leaving for work. (I'm glad I'm retired now and enjoying the radio). I received a 599 report (both ways) and an e-mail confirmation suggested our next QSO possibly with 500 mw.

I worked an "Outer Banks" island station with a good report. My last contact this evening was Chillicothe, Iowa. It's been fun working SKCC members on 40 meters. Perhaps next month I'll try a few more bands but 40 is my favorite. Even with these 60 solar flux days, it's fun to QRP.

I encouraged one station (really really slow CW) to try the 7114 freq.
That's a nice quiet section to operate now.

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