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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

F6HKA France

This mornings DX contact on 17 meters was F6HKA near Limoges France. Bert and I have worked several times in the last few years. I usually work him on 20 meters (4 times), once on 15 meters, but this morning was the first time on 17 meters. The "window" opened early today about 9:45 am local time.

I attended a wake for a fellow hiker this morning at 10am. Didn't have time to work another DX station before leaving for the drive to the funeral home. Funerals have turned into social events since I've retired. It seems every month someone passed onto the other side.

I heard Hawaii again on 30 meters (WH7W)  last night;  but way too weak to work. I also heard what I thought was KL4E on 40 meters. I embarrassingly tried to work him because his signal was very strong.

High speed CW (near 30 wpm) makes it easy for me to miss a "dot", and this station turned out to be KR4E. What a difference a "dot" can make....

He slowed down and worked me. It was a mistake on my part. I sent him an e-mail apologizing for the interruption.  I could barely hear the other station and thought he was about to sign off the air for the night.

Alaska continues to elude me as well as Hawaii. I'm in a difficult spot to work either of these states.


Jspiker said...

Hello Phil,

He was a little weak today compared to how I normally hear him but perfectly readable. He's got a great station there in France.

There's been times when I hear him like he's next door. hihi.

Glad the weather is calming a bit up there. I'll be listening around this evening on 30 meters for that rare Alaskan or Hawaiian station. Hope to hear you.

Jspiker said...

From KL8DX....

John, I worked Bert also this morning as he was operating for SKCC's K3Y. I was able to work him on 15 meters. Bert always has a great signal into my neck of the woods. It's always a pleasure. I'm floating around 20 meters today and hearing a MA station running 75 watts to an attic dipole. My weather has finally settled so it's time to play a bit on the radio today. Happy New Year!

KL8DX said...

Well, I remember that you heard me once on 20 or 15 meters. Let's hope we can make that path again. I'm sure I will be signing up as K3Y/KL7 at some point this month so listen for me. I normally hang out anyway between 050 & 060 on the bands. Yes, it would be a great pleasure to send you Alaska! 73 and I'll keep my fingers crossed! There are many others up here much louder and higher than me but it would be neat to make the trip from my QTH to yours via my most favorite mode in the world!

Jspiker said...

Hello Phil,

Yes....will check the skeds for K3Y/7 and be listening. This year I have the option of the long random wire plus the Isotron. I'm hoping to work you. Thanks for reminding me!

VE9KK said...

Good evening John, the only time I have been able to work Alaska or the pacific has been during contest time....seems they have a good listening ear!!

Dick said...

Nice contact on 17M, John. There is something about getting a signal across salt water that is very special.

Sorry to read of your hiking comrade. It hurts, not only the lose of a friend but the reminder of our own mortality.

Live each day to it's fullest.

Jspiker said...

Hello Mike,

I've heard (and almost worked) KL8DX in Alaska a few years ago on 20 meters. At the time, he couldn't get the last two letters of the call and the band shifted and I lost him. I've been hearing them late in the evening on 30 meters now but still not loud enough to work.

Maybe we can both get him on 20 as K3Y/7. The contests are really difficult for me to work a weak station as there are no "filters" on my rig.

It's been really difficult....

Good Luck!

Jspiker said...

Hello Dick,

How true...

Time is moving a bit too quickly for me these days. I hope it slows down a little before mine runs out.