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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

OE3KAB Vienna Austria

My first contact of the new year was Karl (OE3KAB) near Vienna Austria and it was nice to start the new year this way. He had just finished a QSO and I managed to get his attention for a few moments. We exchanged weather reports, antennas, rigs and power levels. It was more than just a handshake. To make the contact a little sweeter, Karl was 4,630 miles from me and qualifies as a 1000 MPW QSO. He was my fourth contact in this country.

Vienna is a beautiful city which has wonderful music. My favorite is Mozart and I listen to him often. We were there a few years ago while traveling down the Danube and Rhine Rivers towards Amsterdam. Marilyn and I were fortunate to hear a live symphony while we were in this city; actually not far from the snapshot below. (Wikipedia)

There were also two new cards in the mailbox this morning, although I had to reject one of them because it wasn't listed in my log book.

This card from Belgium is a good one :

Karl has an E-QSL account and I sent him my card. I hope to receive his soon as a remembrance of my  first 2013 contact.


Jeff Davis, KE9V said...


Nice to see you making immediate progress on your goal of working DX every time you're on the air!

What band?

73 es CUL de Jeff, KE9V

Jspiker said...

Hello Jeff,

Sorry about that...17 meters. It seems to be a very good DX band for me in a small window between 10am and noon. Worked him at 15:24z

Real early this morning on 30 meters, I could hear JT1CO in Mongolia along with VK2GWK in Australia....too weak to work. Been hearing Japan too.

I log all my stations on the logbook also. Happy Hunting!

Jim said...

A nice contact & great way to start the new year!
Best Regards,
Jim - W2KLM

Jspiker said...

Hello Jim,

Thank You....I agree!