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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Morning DX Contact

I worked a new DX entity this morning with a QSO with Mike (EW8O) in Rechitsa Belarus on the 17 meter band. I continue to be amazed at the "ears" on these long distance stations. Although I had a weak copy on him, he was able to hear me quite well at 4,965 miles. Mike is DX number 64 in the log book. 

Belarus is a mostly flat land with many miles of forest within it's boundary's. 

This contact was a little more than a "handshake" as he sent his name, country, rig and antenna. I did the same with my customary 3W QRP, my name, and WV.

My breakfast this morning went well with my ham radio friend. I always look forward to hearing from Eric (AC8LJ) . He's a good CW operator and is the recent recipient of a new "bug" which was shipped directly from the North Pole during the holiday season. We talked about a number of things, most notably his "fan dipole" and a Delta loop. Sure wish I had the "space" to run a decent antenna, but I'm happy with what I have in the radio line.

I have few complaints with the 50 ft of speaker wire I'm using for a stealth antenna.

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