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Monday, January 21, 2013

My Morning DX Contact

My morning contact today was OM5ZW in the Slovak Republic and on the 12 meter band. As I feared, the 17 meter band was practically flat for me. I heard only one station there from Sweden.

The first station I heard on the 12 meter band was 9A2YM transmitting from Croatia. He was strong enough to work but unable to hear me. Then came E76C in Bosnia and Herzegovia who had a great signal but unable to hear me.

As I continued to listen OM5ZW was working a bunch of stations and I also had doubts he would be able to pull me out of the swarm. After about 15 minutes, his signal peaked and I heard my call sign repeated with the "up" suffix. He actually shifted upward to pull me out of the swarm.

I'm incredibly grateful for this effort. It doesn't happen often enough, and I added my QRP ending on the exchange with 3 watts. It's really nice when an operator makes this special effort to work a very weak signal at 4,680 miles.

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