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Thursday, January 3, 2013

HI3TEJ Dominican Republic

I listened to and attempted to work HI3TEJ in the Dominican Republic for at least half an hour before I heard my call sign repeated back to me with the customary 559 report. He was working a LOT of stations but I heard him clearly on the 30 meter band. My persistence payed off for this NEW DX entity in the log book.

The Caribbean area is an opportunity for new contacts for me. There's still a few islands down there which I've yet to work.

I usually use the RIT control for these "split" contacts but actually set the rig up to "shift" when I transmitted on this contact. There was quite a "beehive" on this one. I like this feature on the IC-703. It's very user friendly and easy to use. Working "split" with this rig is easy as slicing butter.

Beginning the first of this year, I'm trying to work at least one DX station every day. I feel confident with that goal and today is day three.   My 3 watts and 50 ft of speaker wire is doing just fine so far.

I hope propagation continues on its current course.

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