My Most Recent QSO's

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My Morning DX Contact

My first contact this morning was actually the same station I worked yesterday morning in Poland. Andy (SP9KR) responded with Good Morning John and I did the same with his name. A few moments later I heard another K3Y station with the #5 behind it from Baton Rouge Louisiana. I easily worked him and received a good signal report. 

Next came SM2ALS in Ojebyn Sweden. I was certain I heard the call correctly;  but was unable to find it on the QRZ.Com site. After trying all possible combinations, I entered the call in the "Buckmaster" call book and immediately found it. I've found this service valuable with many DX stations. 

My last station was XE2X in Renoa Tamaulipas Mexico. I was hearing a lot of stations this morning but had to cut things short to play Bridge with a group here in town. Bridge is a great game which is good for the mind. Bridge requires a person to use their minds, much like Morse Code. The older we get; the more important this becomes.

Today is my 25th consecutive day of working a DX station. 


Paul Stam PAØK said...

Hi John, some hams are not in the database. Most of the time you can find those hams in 73 Paul

Jspiker said...

Hello Paul,

I'll start using them also and thanks for the tip. Cold here this morning @ 15 degrees (f). Hope you're doing fine in the Netherlands.

I've had the "Daydream" going through my mind the last several days. It's a great tune and I have my own version of it. I'll let you know if I put it on You Tube.