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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Morning DX Contact

This morning brought me another contact on the 17 meter band; but I hear fewer stations in the "window of opportunity" on the bands. Propagation is low today (SFI 108) , so I felt good about working nearly the only station I could hear. Andy (SP9KR) was transmitting from Nieporaz Poland which in near the large city of Krakow and 4,681 miles from me in West Virginia.

I'm lucky to work these stations before they're spotted on the cluster. It's a great advantage for me. Today is my 24th consecutive day of working a DX station with 3 watts and a 50' piece of random wire.

Update;    It's always nice to work another DX station, anytime and anywhere, but I got a BIG kick out of working a "Special Event Station" in France. ( this is around 16:30 GMT)

Around noon (local time) I heard a VERY loud K3Y/EU station which immediately caught my attention. There's very few stations in Europe which I consistently hear VERY well, and was thinking about F6HKA in France. I was pleasantly surprised when the K3Y/EU station said a very nice "GUD to hear U AGN John" and nice to WRK U as  SKCC/EU and UR QRP station doing a VY FB job today. Bert is a true gentleman and it's always nice to work him!

You should "google" SKCC K3Y Stations or just click on the Straight Key Century Club (SKCC) link on the right side on this blog. I've worked several of these stations recently but this was my first EU contact.

Around noon (my time) I found this great opening on the 17 meter band and have worked four more DX stations in Eastern Europe. I also logged EA7AJR and EA4DRV in Spain and also IK4VFD in Italy. That's a total of five far.

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