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Friday, January 4, 2013

My Morning DX Contact

Today was a VERY busy day with breakfast starting in a neighboring city at 8:30 am. I had risen at seven to start coffee, put the dog out for a minute or two, glance at the morning paper, and make the drive to meet friends and discuss and solve all the worlds problems. (I'm just kidding)

I meet with this group, most Friday mornings, which consists of old retired men who enjoy each others camaraderie and fellowship. A few of us bike, a few are artists, a few are craftsmen, and a few create stained glass. I'm the only Ham in the group; but as I am encouraged by their creativity, they may be encouraged by my persistence with the radio hobby. In essence; we're a good mix.

I had only a few moments of radio time today, between breakfast, and a long drive with my Dad and my Brother. We visited my Sister in Parkersburg, which is about an hour and a half drive from Charleston.

My Dad at Age 92 

I had just returned from breakfast, and literally, had 10 minutes of free time to turn on the rig, re-tune the radio, set the keyer speed, and tune into the 17 meter band.

I immediately heard PA3FQA calling from the town of Olst, in the Netherlands. I answered once and he responded with the customary 559 report. I sent him back the same and a Thank You. (TU) That was it.

I had just jotted down the call, frequency, and GMT on a notepad, when my Dad and Brother arrived. We spent most of the day visiting and talking of old times with the family. Upon returning from my Sisters, I took the dog out again for his evening walk, and almost immediately, my wife Marilyn returned from the store.

It's now 9 pm and time to write about the 10 minute radio time I had today.

Anyone who reads this blog regularly will recognize the  QSL card in this post. Today is the third time I've worked PA3FQA in the Netherlands. Today is the first on 17 meters; but I've worked him also on 12 meters, and 30 meters. Dick says his station is one of the "Big Guns". I believe him.

Tomorrow is also going to be an extremely busy day; but I hope to have more than 10 minutes to tune around  the band looking for my daily DX fix.

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