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Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Morning DX Contact

My contact this morning was G3VBS in Doncaster England. Not spotted on the cluster, Tom and I had a brief chat while the band conditions were stable. I desperately tried to contact R1DX in St Petersburg Russia. He could hear me, but not well enough for a confirmation. The Russian station was eventually spotted on the cluster, and that was the end of my chances for another contact.

Every time I hear an English station, I think of the British Broadcasting Service (BBC). I remember this building in London. I have a picture of me standing there from a trip a few years ago. I consider the BBC the best broadcaster in the world.

The window on 17 meters was definitely small this morning. This was the only DX station I could work.


Unknown said...

I must have been listening on 17m at the same time, John. I remember hearing R1DX calling.

I think we have the best TV in the world, advert-free, courtesy of the BBC. From a news point of view they tend to echo the government point of view, you have to look elsewhere for an alternative perspective. I rather like Russia Today (in English.)

Jspiker said...

Hello Julian,

Listening to an alternate perspective is challenging today. I have a wi-fi radio which I like very much. I'll dial up "Russia Today" and listen for awhile. Thanks.

R1DX was pushing a good signal over here. I'm amazed at those big Russian stations. RD3A worked me last year when I heard him calling CQ on 40 meters. He answered me on the first attempt and I almost fell out of the chair. He sent me a nice card too!

I can usually work those stations until they appear on a DX cluster. Then there's a problem with everyone in the world trying to work them at the same time. I just don't have the filters to do that. hihi

BTW/ Very nice to hear from you!