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Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Morning DX Contact

The "Alpine Ski World Championships" are held in different places in the world and there are "Special Event Stations" on the air to celebrate and memorialize them. This morning I worked my second of these "special event stations" in Austria. They will be on the air until Feburary 18th 2013. 

A few days ago (Jan 18th) , I worked OE2013U in Kleinroetz Austria. This morning I worked OE2013A in St Michael Austria. I doubt I'll be able to work 10 of these stations for the "special certificate", but I'm an optimist, and always keep the possibility open. 

The first picture above is American Lindsey Vonn who won eight medals in these events in 2010. (I thought it would catch your attention)

This year a new world speed record has been set by French skier Johan Clarey. Set in Switzerland this year, he reached a speed of 100.6 mph (161.9 km/h)

I used to ski before a back injury ended this sport but I can't imagine going 100 mph on a pair of long skies. Loosing your concentration for even a split second could prove disastrous.


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Very interesting John. Lindsey is not only gifted with good ski skills. She's beautifull as well. I guess there are a lot of guys that want to ski with her ;-). Nice DX again. It's incredible you can make at least a contact every day with QRP and antennas inside the house. Remarkable! 73, Bas

Jspiker said...

Hello Bas,

I myself have been surprised. Don't know how long the run will last but it's been fun so far.

How about 100 mph on skies? I don't like to drive that fast on the highway. hihi