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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Daily DX Contact

Although the "Endodontic Specialists" was within walking distance from my home, my wife drove me there because the cold, drizzly rain, was making my life miserable this morning. The "root canal" took about 90 minutes which is the normal "target time" for my daily DX contact.

The procedure wasn't as bad as I feared; but was by no means painless. At one point I noticed a little bead of perspiration beading up on my forehead. I walked home afterwards because the cold rain had ceased and I enjoy the exercise. I have another dental appointment in two weeks to build a new "crown" on the tooth.

I've shuffled around all afternoon waiting for the pain killers to wear off. During that time I worked a few local stations.

This evening ( 4 PM) I caught YN9SU in Nicaragua calling CQ again. I worked him easily and have turned off the radio.  Nicaragua is a very poor country and the home above is typical of those near the rivers.


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hi John, I'm glad you're still alive. We went to the dentist yesterday afternoon and there was no trouble at all (what a relief). Even when people have no insurance here the medical care need to help them. Normally everyone needs at least a basic insurance in the Netherlands, if you can't pay for it because the income is too low you get a special medical allowance from the taxes so all Dutch citizens are able to pay this basically. I think that is what Obama wants to implement as well. There are countries in Skandinavia were all medical care is free. That was the case here as well years ago. Then the insurance was just held from you paycheck. But those times are over and just like Paul writes medical care is getting expensive as well here. Well I hope you will recover quickly from the pain. Most of the time I got more pain from the anesthesia then from the operation itself. 73, Bas

Jspiker said...

Hello Bas,

Everything is fine this morning with the tooth. Yesterday, the needle was the easy part. In two weeks I'll have the "crown" work completed and be finished with everything. Happy Days again. hihi

I live in a "poor" state where coal mining is a big part of our economy. There are many people who are forced to visit an emergency room for health care. Those costs are passed along to everyone else with higher premiums. It's a viscous cycle which turns into inefficiency and wastefulness. The "Affordable Health Care Act" is going to be a very good thing for us.

I'm SO thankful for the Veterans Administration which provides me with my health care. They're the icon of the industry today. It's truly the "best in the United States".

The "extreme" minority in our political system is holding us "hostage" to progress. They're absolutely "nuts".