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Monday, May 6, 2013

A New DX Country # 82

I've several causes to celebrate today. The first is working a new DX country and the second is a plateau I've reached with the readers of my blog.

My first reason to celebrate is that I'm always happy when I work another NEW country, so when I heard Z3OU calling from Macedonia, I answered immediately. As with many of the really good DX countries I work, he was NOT spotted on the cluster.

This station was transmitting from the city of Kocani, which has been cited as the "cleanest" city in Macedonia. It seems they take great pride in being tidy and neat in their daily lives. As with all cities, that chore can demand hours and hours of work. I commend them for their efforts!

Macedonia is also the home of "Mother Teresa" who was born in Skopje. She was the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.

My second reason to celebrate is that when I checked my "stat" counter this morning, it registered a little over 100,000 "hits".  I'd like to say that I  appreciate all those who read my blog regularly and hope you will continue to do so as I share my thoughts and feelings about this wonderful hobby. Remarkably, I feel more enthused about the QRP hobby today, than I did when I got my first Technician license over 20 years ago. I don't think many hobbyist can make that statement but I really mean it. I think Amateur Radio is truly the greatest hobby in the world!

Today also marks my 103th day of working a DX station with 3 watts of power and a 50 ft piece of random wire for an antenna. Every day I continue this "streak of good luck" amazes even myself.

My May contacts, so far, are looking like this: 

Omitting only one contact on 17 meters, all my contacts this month have been on 30 meters. This band seems to be my very best band, not only in volume but also in distance.


ve3vvfqrp said...

Congrats on both counts. I get very excited as well when I get new country in the log. Good Luck with your streak too! Cheers es 72 de Scott ve3vvf

Jspiker said...

Hello Scott,

Thanks for dropping by again. I see we're both members of several clubs and it's especially rewarding to see your membership in the NAQCC Club.

You may very well inspire me to build a kit of some kind. I really like those you put in the coffee cans. Very nice and very functional. Keep up the great work!

Jim said...

Big Congrats!!

Always enjoy stopping by your place on the web.

Keep burning up the airwaves with QRP!

KL8DX said...

Congratulations, John!! I very much enjoy your blog and your on air adventures. Keep up the good work and I wish you continued DX success.

Jspiker said...

Hello Jim,

Keep up the good work too! I enjoy your blog very much. Have have great articles there.

Jspiker said...

Hello Phil,

I can see you're looking forward to summertime in Alaska. Your entries bring back god memories for me.