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Saturday, May 18, 2013

WOW--What an Unusual Antenna

I remembered this call sign the instant I worked him and a quick search of the log book confirmed the contact back on August 7th, 2008. I remembered it clearly because, at that time, I was still using "paper cards" and I was the proud owner of a new Icom 703. I was also rejoicing because I was able to work DX with my "limited space" Isotron antenna. Bob and exchanged cards and I also got a nice e-mail from him:

Hi John,
Thanks for the QSO (in the log OK) and thanks for your email. You're right - I have worked guys with indoor dipoles, indoor yagis, flagpoles, etc but never an 18inch indoor antenna! Yet your signal was perfectly copiable and heard through the pileup, so well done! Believe it or not, I drove through Charleston, WV many years ago, but my memory of it has faded (that happens nowadays!).

73 Bob MD0CCE
As I've noted several times before,  I've always lived in places with demanding "antenna restrictions". My entire "ham radio life" has been limited to using Stealth antennas and despite those hindrances, I've always enjoyed this hobby immensely and find operating this mode to be very satisfying. 

Bob had no idea I was using 3 watts of power yesterday and that I was using an indoor random wire for an antenna. I was only one of many stations in the bee hive. 
I'll e-mail Bob today with the good news. 
I was surprised at working three DX stations yesterday because the "solar propagation" is just terrible today: The solar flux is only 136, the A index is 9 but steady, the K index is 5 and rising, and the sunspot numbers are 102. Propagation for the 30 meter band is "very poor". 

Rather amusingly, I've also been able to work two other stations. Of course, FG5FR is always there in Guadeloupe and I also worked EA6NB in the Baleric Islands of Spain

This afternoon I've worked two more "First Class Operators Club" stations. TM75FOC was in France, and M0RSE was in England. In a stroke of luck, I also worked OT4A in Austria


VE9KK said...

Good evening John, yes with these conditions and the types of antenna we are running it's hard to make contacts....but we still do! I just got into the Turks and caicos with just one watt. It took about 5 mins but I was able to make the contact.

Jspiker said...

Nice Contact Mike,

Your dipole is very hard to beat!