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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Club Numbers on QSL Cards

My back pain got me up early again this morning, and as always, I turned on the radio and listened for some  of those "long distance sunrise stations". When I scanned the 30 meter band, I heard a familiar station on the Island of Guadeloupe, but this time, it  wasn't my "regular" contact, which I've worked at least a half a dozen times since the first of the year. I've heard only two stations on this island. This station was the "other one".

I particularly like QSL cards that have their "club numbers" posted on them and I quickly discovered that  Jean (FG8NY) is a member of several of my favorite clubs. Also by looking at his biography on the QRZ site, I could tell in an instant that him and I were both members of the North American QRP CW Club.

The NAQCC club is my favorite club because all it's members are not only Morse Code operators, but also QRP operators. Jean (FG8NY) is club member # 6180.

You should take a close look at this club if your forte is Morse Code and QRP operations. I have a link to it on the right side of this blog under the caption of "Ham Radio Club Sites". There's some excellent operators in this group of CW QRP enthusiasts. You will find every imaginable incentive to challenge and improve your Morse Code skills on their website. Be sure to read the current "newsletter" while you're there.

I hold several of their awards like the "Friendship Club" of which I'm member # 13.

BTW/---- I easily worked another Russian station (RN3GL) last night, and was about to work 4X4WN before he appeared on the cluster. You can imagine what happened almost instantaneously. I have no doubt I could have worked him. He had a fantastic signal from Israel.

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