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Monday, May 13, 2013

Nightmare Call Sign at 30 WPM

I must have listened to this call for 10 minutes before I sent mine. He wasn't spotted on a cluster and honestly, I can understand why. Sent at around 30 wpm, it was a very difficult to copy. This Bulgarian Radio Club was sending LZ1876SMB

I continue to work a DX station a day, and if my math is correct, today marks my 110th day. I didn't make a blog entry on the 11th but worked at least three stations.

My most recent log book entries are here:

The UA3KW contact is NOT a typo. I worked him both early in the day and late in the same day.

I have another appointment with the VA Hospital on the 21st to have another MRI scan. All things considered, I think the back is improving slightly. The morning hours are still terrible but the pain eases up in the afternoon. Sad to say; it's probably more to do with my morning cocktail of medicine than any other thing.


VE9KK said...

Good afternoon John, now that is a call for my MRP40 program..and for sure when it is coming at you 30 wpm!!

Jspiker said...

Yes it is......sometimes these things are ridiculous.