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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Poor Propagation Again

For the second time in a brief few days, I've been saved by one lone Caribbean Island station (actually the Leeward Islands) on the air. This call sign (V44KAO) has always been a stumbling block for me because of the "single dit" difference between the V and the two 4's. At around 25 wpm, it's always difficult for me to decipher the correct letters and numbers. I had to ask for, as always, a repeat on the call, but managed to log him.

I felt fortunate to work this station on the St Kitts and Bevis Islands

Oliver (V44KAO) had a good solid signal into West Virginia but is only 1840 miles, in a straight line, from me. As yesterday, that's about the maximum distance I've been able to work in these poor propagation conditions.

Should I work another DX station tomorrow, it will be a mile marker for me. I'm hoping I'll be able to list my 100th daily DX station.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


VE9KK said...

Good evening John, great to hear you made the contact...sure is hard when the conditions are not that great. Hope you are feeling well and that the test results come fast for you. Funny thing today I twisted the wrong way at home and out went the back! So now Im off work at least until Monday. It's off to chiro and physio for me.

Jspiker said...

Hello Mike,

Sorry to hear about your back problems. I don't think anyone who has not experienced them can comprehend how painful they can be. I've passed a few kidney stones and would prefer them to disc problems any day.

My physical therapists (from my last back injury) told me to do absolutely "nothing" for the first hour in the mornings. It takes that long to "loosen up".

If you can stand it.....the "child pose" from Yoga is an excellent starter. It makes me feel like stretching out on a "rack". Although I don't have one; an "inversion table" works well also.

I'm looking forward to next week when I have the MRI. If possible, I'll have surgery soon afterwards.

Hopefully you will feel better in a few days.