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Thursday, May 9, 2013

More MRI and More Tests

The bad news is that I talked with my doctor this morning, and according to the hospital, I need another MRI scan. Not surprisingly, it appears there is a bulging disc pressing the sciatic nerve. In the next scan, they will inject a dye into the area to highlight the exact spot, and do another test to determine if there has been damage to the nerve. Although I've not previously had dye injected with a MRI, I've been through the nerve test before, when I had the problem with my left leg several years ago.

The good news is that the last several days, my back pain has eased up a bit. My guess is that the inflammation medicine and the muscle relaxants are taking effect, (it's been about a month)  but there is still enough of the disc protruding on the sciatic nerve to keep me from getting a good nights sleep, and keeps me from walking more than a few yards without painful consequences.

I have to wait for the hospital to make arrangements for these new tests.

On the radio I worked LZ1NP near Sofia Bulgaria last night. This morning I worked CO2WF in Cuba. I may have worked a VERY much need station in Hawaii but the signal was so weak that I'm not sure he got my call sign correct. I've send an e-mail for confirmation with the hope that gets back with me soon. 


VE9KK said...

Good evening John, it's good to hear they want to narrow down the issue. It's not great that there is not a fix in the wind as of yet...but better to get it correct than to not and start over. On another note hope you get a reply to your email regarding the contact.

Jspiker said...

Hello Mike,

Thanks and yes, I did hear from the supposed Hawaii station. It was a false alarm unfortunately and he's aware of someone pirating his call. Bummer.....

BTW/ You were having problems with your back if I remember right. I'm assuming you're back to work? Hope you're doing well also.

I'll be SO glad when all these back problems are behind us.