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Friday, May 24, 2013

Can You Work QRP DX Every Day?

I got a nice response from John Shannon K3WWP yesterday. He writes about his contacts, and happenings in life, on his website every day. I enjoy reading it and find his website to be one of the most inspirational on the web. John is co-founder of the NAQCC Club. I've been a member of this club for several years, and of all those I belong to, like it the best of all. (hint)

I had written to him about my luck with working DX QRP, with a minimum QRP radio, and my minimum "random wire antenna. We both agree, that given the time, QRP DX is possible almost every single day.

In the year 2000, John worked 301 days of DX with 2,269 DX QSO's with 149 different countries.

I've also been receiving nice complements from several other bloggers. The QRP CW community is a congenial group of Morse Code communicators from many different  parts of the world. I appreciate all of their encouragement, advice, and motivation.

Last night I worked two DX stations for the continuation of my DX streak. One of them was a busy contact in Bermuda. I was able to work VP9FOC , despite many other stations in the hive. Soon afterwards I worked OM3SX in Slovakia.

I was using the QRZCQ Cluster. I particularly like being able to "spot" my contacts here and adding the additional QRP-3W in the remarks section.

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