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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bike Ride in Austria

Here's one for my friend Mike, (W8MDE) who is also known as "The Recumbent Conspiracy Theorists". I've worked Austria many times (11 now and 7 of them have been this year)  in the last few years; but my contacts have usually revolved around "skiing". Mike is a bicycle enthusiast and until my recent back problems, me too. Mike inspired me to purchase my Vibroplex Standard Iambic key which has greatly enabled me to work those 30 and 17 meter DX stations.

I'm too old to be doing this kind of riding now; but: honestly, I wouldn't have the "guts" to try this treacherous downhill trek. Mike, (W8MDE) on the other hand, is a very good rider, and I could see an example of him, and his adventurous spirit,  clearly in this video.

This one's for you Mike!


recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Hello John, Thanks for that great video. The fish eye effect of the small helmet cams makes it look more treacherous than it really is but still they're riding on a goat path with a pretty good drop on one side. I don't have a helmet camera but I will borrow one sometime to make some footage of places I ride.

I have my Vibroplex Iambic hooked up at the moment in my station. I just love the feel of that paddle. Glad to hear you are enjoying yours also.

73 and good luck with your daily DX.

Mike W8MDE

Jspiker said...

Sure, of course it's safe; they're not really a handlebar away from they're last heartbeat. What about the goats? You mean there's probably an ornery goat on that ledge too? I've never known anyone to butt heads with an ornery old goat and come out a winner. You bought that plane ticket yet?

BTW/ Yes, I love the Vibroplex key. It's been one of the best purchases I've ever made for my radio hobby.

Thanks again.